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Proper procedure to add 2 NICs for VMotion ?

We are currently running a ESX 4.0 Host with 4 NICs. Two of them (NIC0 and NIC4) are assigned to a virtual switch that supports both Service Console and VMotion.

We now get another two NICs (NIC1 and NIC5) and would like to set up separate virtual switches for Service Console (NIC0 and NIC4) and VMotion (NIC1 and NIC5).

We would like to seek your advice whether the following steps are OK ?

1) Put the ESX Host to Maintenance Mode

2) Remove VMotion from existing vSwitch

3) Add a new vSwitch with NIC1 and NIC5

4) Assign the VMotion to the vSwitch in Step 3)

5) Exit Maintenance Mode


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take a look at this setup for host configuration. vSphere Host NIC Configuration

I would keep SC and vMotion on 1 vSwitch, using 2 NICs but keeping them failover for each other. Say NIC 0 for SC, NIC 4 for stand-by. NIC 4 for vMotion and NIC 0 for stand-by. There is only traffic going over SC or vMotion when they are being used, which should be minimal.