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PVLAN configuration with Arista Switch

Hi all,

I want to configure a vDS for private VLAN.

My config,

HP blades using FlexFabric (Tunnel Mode)

Arista switches 7400 series

VMWare vsphere 5.0 Update 2

These are the steps i did on the vDS.

1. Created a distributed switch with 2 uplinks

2. Configured a private vlan 48 (which automatically created vlan 48 as promiscous mode)

3. Created a port group with vlan 46 as isolated.

4. Moved all the vm's to the isolated port.

5. Put just 1 VM on the promiscous port.

My problem is, if all the VM's are on the same host, the vm's on isolated portgroup are able to ping the vm on promiscous portgroup. But the moment i move the VM on promiscous mode to different host, i am unable to ping.

So i suspect that something is missing on the upstream switch (ARISTA). I read that inorder to implement pvlan, the upstream switch need to be pvlan aware. We were using the newer model of Arista switch which is not PVLAN capable. So we replaced it with an older model which seems to support pvlan. My network guy says he has already configured the switch port be in trunk mode and created all the necessary VLANs.

Anybody can point out a doc for me that will tell me what exactly what needs to done on the upstream arista switch to make this work? I saw some documentation for configuring a cisco switch. Not sure how identical arista and cisco configuration is to implement pvlan.

Cisco website mentions that it mandatory that the upstream Switch must support pvlan promiscuous trunk mode to work in a vmware environment. Does anybody know if arista has this capability?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Reuben

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