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Nexus 1000v to vds migration tools, problem with LACP

Hi Community,

we start the migration from nexus 1000v to vds; we have 3 virtual cluster , each  clustr have nexus 1000v.

We have in one cluster a false positive in "validate migration". This is the error on the log :

cat logfile-20181019_1054.log.log | grep -i lacp

2018-10-19 10:56:20,865 INFO : [ validate_migration.py->check_channel_group_mode() lineno : 279 ] - Ethernet Port Profile Teaming mode is not LACP. Feature not supported.

but LACP is disable on nexus:

version 4.2(1)SV2(2.2)

port-profile type ethernet system-uplink

  vmware port-group

  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk allowed vlan 2-602

  no shutdown

  system vlan 29

  state enabled

XXXXX-SWN1K-VC1# sh feature

Feature Name          Instance  State

--------------------  --------  --------

cts 1         disabled

dhcp-snooping 1         disabled

evb 1         disabled

http-server 1         enabled

lacp 1         disabled

netflow 1         disabled

network-segmentation 1         disabled

port-profile-roles 1         disabled

private-vlan 1         disabled

segmentation 1         disabled

sshServer 1         enabled

tacacs 1         disabled

telnetServer 1         disabled

vff 1         disabled

vtracker 1         disabled

vxlan-gateway 1         disabled

Any suggestion to fix this problem? The migration tool version is the last available on vmware site ,

N1KV to VDS Migration Assessment Tool

                              Version 1.1


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