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Nexus 1000v Port-Profiles across Clusters

Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone would be able to answer a Nexus 1000v design question.

I am in the process of migrating our VMWare environment off the standard vSwitches and to a Nexus 1000v. My question is regarding the "port profile type ethernet" configuration.

Each cluster within our datacentre uses vswitch1 for vmotion traffic, this vswitch1 has two vmnics bound to. I have configured "port profile type ethernet vmotion" for the vswitch1 on one cluster, within this profile I have bound the relevant vlan. As this vlan is the same on all clusters should I use the same port profile "vmotion" for all clusters or create a different port profile say vmotion1, vmotion2 for the other clusters?

Hopefully this makes sense.



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

One port-profile will be fine. There's really no need to create another port-profile. You'll be able to monitor the vmknics per host via veth interfaces.

I'd just got with one port-profile.