Nework Maximum Card Recomendation.... neterion X3100 vxge


We have  open call on Vmware support and they view we are not supported Network maximu configuration.

The new config is

2 Neterion  X3100  10 Go --> Split in 4  ( We  4 "virtual" adapter" )         

2 Quad Port Intell NC.364T

2 Intergrate

If make SUM

8          10 Go

10         1 Go

I'm not in supported configuation  ( for information my host have 8 cpu and at least 128 go ram / max 256)

Remark the In reality we have only  2   10 go card .... the other are virtual.

My question if I remove 1 Quad port i'm in supported configuration ?

8        10go but only 2 phys

6         1 g

The supported configuration is

  • 4x 10G ports OR   
  • 16x 1G ports OR
  • 2x 10G ports + 8x 1G ports

More information:

Actually we want change to 10 go network but not all infrastrucure are 10 go ready.

and we keep Go connection for Vmotion and console network.

Why 4 Virtual adpater by Netterion card.

1 for new console

1 for trunk on Vswitch1

1 for trunk on Vswitch2

1 for new vmotion network.

If any have recomendation... or sugestion



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