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Network Configuration

Hello everyone,

i have an understanding question.

What I have:

vCenter 7.0

3x ESXI 7.0: 2x 10 GBit; 2x 25 GBit

2x 10 GBit Switch

2x 25 Gbit Switch (configured as Stack)

Distributed Switch with following Network groups and NICS:

Production Network: VLAN 100 - nic 0 (active); nic1 (active)

vSAN kernel: VLAN 200 - nic 2 (active) ; nic 3 (active) 

VMotion kernel: VLAN 300 - nic 2 (active) ; nic 3 (active) 

What I want:

Failover configuration for all networks

My idea:

Production: On my 10 GBit Switches VLAN 100 is configured. nic 0 is connected to 10GSwitch1, nic 1 is connected to 10GSwitch 2 (both have an uplink port to Core Switch)

vSAN / vMotion: On my 25 GBit Switches VLAN 200 and VLAN 300 are configured. nic 2 is connected to 25GSwitch1, nic 3 is connected to 25GSwitch2

Here a possible configuration:


My Question:

Will there be loops on the Porduction sides and how can I prevent them?

Will the vSAN /vMotion network have connectivity problems with this configuration?


Thank you for your answers





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