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LACP or Enhanced LACP and IP Hash Load Balance 4 uplinks speed

hi guys

I have a recent doubt that might be simple but this will help me to clarify

I have this environment and I am sure you can not get more than 1GB link speed - transfer rate abot 100MBps to 130MBps - so here it goes just to confirm with you

one of these days someone tell me hey why if the link is 4GB since we have 4 nics and LACP/etherchannel configured when working on this project the transfer rate we get is only like 125MBps we are suppose to get about 400MBps....

I explained that IP hash will theoretically help  when connecting one to many so it take advance of the multiple uplinks but not more than the uplink which is 1GB per card

I already said to them if you need more speed you have to match your external physical servers with 10GB uplinks too

so is this configuration wrong? is Enhanced LACP not configured correctly?

or I am correct and of course how I VM will send more than the uplink 1GB ia capable

but when reading this I am not good at explaining to my customer

Route Based on IP Hash

Any virtual machine can use any uplink in the NIC team depending on the source and destination IP address. In this way, each virtual machine can use the bandwidth of any uplink in the team. If a virtual machine runs in an environment with a large number of independent virtual machines, the IP hash algorithm can provide an even spread of the traffic between the NICs in the team. When a virtual machine communicates with multiple destination IP addresses, the virtual switch can generate a different hash for each destination IP. In this way, packets can use different uplinks on the virtual switch that results in higher potential throughput

thanks a lot

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