Help Needed - Networking Configuration for simple nested lab..

Hi Folks

I am struggling with the basic network configuration for a simple nested lab environment for personal use. I am hoping someone can please point me in the right direction..

My setup is as follows:-

Single PC, 64GB ram

Workstation Pro 15.5, inside of which I have created:-

1 x Virtual esxi 6.7 install, inside of which I have created:-

1 x VM (fw appliance)

Steps so far:-

Installed VM Workstation. Added vmnet2, host-only. Configured vmnet2 nic on my pc with

Installed esxi 6.7 inside workstation and I have gained access to the esxi environment via the browser on my workstation ( I presume I can access this IP from my workstation because the vmnet8 connection type is set to NAT?

From the esxi client browser I created the FW appliance VM and assigned a management IP of during the install. When I view the network settings from esxi the default nic config is applied (Network Adapter 1, type VMXNET 2 (Enhanced)).

The issue I have is that I cannot ping from my workstation ( therefore i cannot remotely manage the fw VM via my pc browser.

I am not fully understanding what is required in network terms to allow my workstation access to the FW VM inside esxi.

I have attached screenshots of the config thus far..

Thanks, hcnuc

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You need to post details of the vSwitch configuration from ESXi (port groups, uplink ports, how the uplink ports map to the virtual NICs that you gave the ESXi VM.

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