DVS won't show link down?


We have a brand new VMware setup that consist of three IBM x3950 M2 servers each with 128 GB RAM 4 x 6 core Intel Xeon CPU's and with the following network configuration:

6 x 10 GB Ethernet (3 x 10 GB dual Intel X520-DA2 PCI)

2 x 1 GB Ethernet (Intel)

2 x 1 GB onboard Broadcom

We use the ports like this:

2 x 10 GB = NFS Storage (vSwitch1)

2 x 10 GB = VM Network (dvSwitch1)

2 x 10 GB = VMotion (vSwitch2)

2 x 1 GB = Service Console (vSwitch0)

2 x 1 GB = Spare (not used)

It all seems to work just fine, but when we try to simulate a faileover situation, we are missing some informations from vCenter.

If we unplug the network cables in those NIC's that are connected to the vSwitche's we see a little red X quite fast in vCenter. But if we unplug the network cables that are connected to the dvSwitch, it continues to say "link up" there are no little red x like on the vSwitche's and not even the green color in the RJ45 port in vCenter changes color, it stays green.

The only way to see that the uplink is disconnected is by going to the host -> configuration tab -> networking -> Distributed Virtual Switch -> Manage Physical Adapters -> Then click on the vmnic, and you will see disconnected under "Status"

It will also show it under configuration tab -> Network Adapters.

I hope this is a bug, or else please tell me that there is a faster way to get at quick overview of where the broken connection are like on the vSwitche's with the little red "x" ??


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Yes, we can't show DVS link status like class vSwitch with red "x" as you described.

We have open a bug to track this problem and will fix in the next release.

The two ways you give are just the way we get the status of the link.

Thanks very much for your feedback and it will be fixed in the future's release.

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