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“Currently connected network interface ‘Network adapter 1’ uses "network_name", which is not accessible.” ...cannot see the iSCSI storage afterward

Hi everyone,

Hope you can help... simply, I would like to move a VM server (windows 2012), which has iSCSI storage connected configured in Windows iSCSI initiator. I failed to migrate it. It said "the currently connected network interface use "Nas for iSCSI network" , which is not accessible."  I can migrate it by shutting it down...but it will lose the iSCSI connection and will not be able to see the storage in the OS.

I migrated another machine, which connected to same iSCSI network for testing purpose...But it works!!

I did a lot of research... and I compared the vswitch, network port group name, ip schemes, and most network settings (I say most in case I really miss some)... but I really could not find any difference.

May you suggest what I should do? Or what have I missed? Right now I cannot migrate the server and I cannot work on the hardware problem on the VM host itself, which is the purpose I migrate all servers out from it...

I also attached 2 picture here for the vm from the host I migrated to...and the host that the vm will lose the iSCSI connection.

Hope you can help...

Takami Chrio

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