Connecting MGMT to correct Port when using NPAR VMware


We are presenting some of our NICs to VMware using NPAR.

The physical NIC I'm concerned about is 10gb and will be split into 2 partitions.

partition 1 20% traffic MGMT network (VLAN 5)

partition 2 80% traffic VM network(VLAN 1)

I want to make sure when setting up ESXI from the console I put the MGMT traffic on the right partition.

This is what I thought:

1.Record the partitions mac addresses from server settings.

2. When selecting MGMT network settings on VMware console, select the NIC with this mac address and disregard others.

p.s. Can the MGMT network be set up on another vmnic other than vmnic0 at setup from console?


cheers Mike

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Hi Mike,

Yes you can change the Management VMkernel to use vmnic other than the vmnic0 from the DCUI

VMware ESXi Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) Overview (vSOM) - YouTube

Accessing Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) from an SSH session (2039638) | VMware KB

Go to the Network Adapters from DCUI, select vmnic0 and press spacebar to uncheck/uncross the vmnic0 and select other vmnic# and press spacebar to use it

dcui vmnic.png

Screenshot is taken from this blog: VMUG Wiki Update: VMware ESXi 6.0 Update 1 | Mike Laverick...

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