Can you access a host (Management VMkernel) though the VM's networking?

I'm experimenting with an idea I have about accessing the host management VMkernel if its put on a switch, distributed or the other one with no NIC attached to it. So baiscally no networking vCenter/vSphere/whaeveter is aware of an access through the a VM's virtual networking and on the other side the VM is attached to real networking via hardware passthrough; PCI/USB/Thunderbolt--whatever is available.

I know I suck at explanations so I made a mockup 😅 :

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 7.22.26 AM.png

Well, it's not so much of a mockup since I'm already halfway there. I have two firewall VMs in the test host, each with two NICs via PCI passthrough each with an LACP link upstream because why not experiment all the way. The two dSwitches above are screenshots of the same host but side-by-misaligned-side. The host also has its own networking but I'm deciding the best way to move the VMkernel, cut it right off by attempting to move it or adding a second VMkernel.

I've tried easing in the transition using the latter before but in the latest versions of vSphere it doesn't always work and then I'm left with more unresponsive addresses to diagnose.

Is this possible??

Thanks and have a great wknd BTW. 😁

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