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10gE network design?

I am looking for some ideas regarding a vSwitch and network design that encompasses FT, Service Console, VM Network and VMotion on x Number of single port 10gE Broadcomm NexTreme adapters.

The hardware is IBM 3850M2. The server will come with a single dual port 1gE embedded adapter and we are looking to expand the PCIe slots with single port 10gE cards for the above mentioned services and vSwitches.

My main focus is on the required number of 10gE cards to support the services and how the vSwitches would be configured accross them.

Thanks in advance.

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So I just ran across this post and thought that if you still are looking you might want to check out the white paper I wrote on how to use 10GbE in vSphere 4.

Simplify VMware vSphere* 4 Networking with Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit Server Adapters

Learn how advances in 10GbE Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters and VMware vSphere 4 allow dramatic simplification without compromising areas such as security and traffic segmentation.

Brian Johnson, Product Marketing Engineer, 10GbE Silicon, LAN Access Division

Intel Corporation

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/thehevy

URL: www.intel.com/go/ethernet

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