10Gb iscsi primary with 1gb iscsi failover

I currently have 3 servers running esxi4 enterprise plus with a Sun/Solaris SAN as the main iscsi target and a thecus n8800 as another iscsi target (mostly for backup/failver)

2 of the servers each have a dual port10Gb 82598EB and the SUN SAN has 2 of these cards. The servers and the cards are connected directly to one another as the 2 servers are the main work horses. Now, ALL 3 of the servers also have a 1GB iscsi connection to the SUN SAN as well. I would like the 1GB ISCSI to be a "failover" connection (MANUAL failover preferred) for the 2 servers with 10Gb and I want it to be the main iscsi connection for the other server.

From my research, IPMP and MPxIO on Solaris do not get along well with multipathing, so that's out of the picture.

I have two virtual switches set up for ISCSI, one for 10Gb with two nics (1 is active and 1 is unused) and another for 1gbiscsi (active).

The 10Gb and 1Gb iscsi are on different subnets, and when I discover the luns, vmware sees BOTH paths to the same lun and makes them both active with the 10GB as the preferred one. In order for me to make sure that esxi doesnt use the 1gbiscsi on the connections with 10G, I go into each path and manually disable the 1gbiscsi path.

Is this the correct way to do this?

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