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vcsa migration fails

Hello all,

Current version 6.0u2,  two sites, onc vcenter and one psc at each site in ELM, one SSO site.  All systems are Windows at the moment.  I am using this image to preform the migration.


VC1 - PSC1 - Datacenter1

VC2 - PSC2 - Datacenter2

When I go to preform to conversion of the first psc at my smaller site  it builds the new psc then says it is going to transfer 1.7GB of data, once it gets to 50% it dies with the error message.

A problem occurred while - Exporting VMware vCenter Authentication Framework data

when going through the logs it looks like it ran out of disk space?, when i go into the appliance and do df -h it shows the  /storage/db as full with 0% free.

Is this expected?  How can 1.7GB of data fill up 10GB?  Is it compressed then trying to extract it?  How can i find out how big that drive really needs to be, i could just extend it before i start the phase 2 of the psc conversion, or should i not do that?



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It looks like this may possibly be my issue, VMware Knowledge Base

So if I am reading this correctly, I would need to do one of the below options.

  1. Upgrade my psc’s and vcenters to 6.0u3 so that we could kill the tombstones and then shrink the white space, then we could migrate.
  2. Just expand the drive of /storage/db to 30GB before we run step 2 of the psc migration.  Once we get up to 6.5u1  it will clean the tombstones automatically, by deleting any tombstones that are 45 days or older (this runs daily).  Then we could clean/shrink the white space.
  3. Just expand the drive of /storage/db to 30GB before we run step 2 of the psc migration.  Once we get up to 6.5u1 , we can run the steps in the KB to clean up everything, and shrink the white space immediately.
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