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vSphere 7 / vCenter Server / vSphere Client / vSphere Web Client - Configuration


 I am running vSphere 7 on a single server with 2 CPU's.I do not intend to add any more hosts in future.I am evaluating VMware Essentials Kit License.I have a few queries.

1) How do I enable and add SSO ( I have a Windows AD server in the domain ) on my ESXI host  ??I want to use SSO to allow users to login.

2) I have installed vCenter server on my ESXI but do not see the ESXI host to manage it.

I tried adding a host from Hosts & Cliusters but when I give the IP of the ESXI , it is unable to find it.

I can access both ESXI system and vCenter server individually. I it because I am on a evaluation license ??

3) How do I enable vSphere webclient ? I only see vSphere HTMLClient when I access the vCenter server host.




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