vCenter Installation fails with "Error 25003.Setup Failed to create the VirtualCenter repository."

Ok. I have installed vCenter many times and have yet to see this error. First let me describe the setup.

Both SQL and vCenter servers are Server 2003 R2 SP2. SQL is a default SQL 2008 install. Both the vCenter and SQL are domain members. I first installed SQL using a service account and I thought that was the root cause of my problem so I created a new VM and installed SQL as domain admin (not BP, I know, I just wanted to test). SQL Server is using Windows Auth only. I recreated a new system DSN and reinstalled vCenter... same error.

I've read all the kb articles and blogs I could find that reference this error:

I verified my database was installed in Case Insensitive mode here KB1003960

This communities post references using Windows Auth fixed his problem.

This is the exact error message I get and this page says that using non-standard characters in the password caused the problem and I can tell you the password isn't the issue because I've use the same password and similar variations of the password in many different vSphere installations at different sites

There are many other blogs, web pages, and communities pages that reference this error but I can't find anything I haven't tried yet and I'm running out of ideas. Anyone have any thoughts out there?

Thanks for your thoughts

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maybe you already tried the following, but anyway...

  • has the db-user dbo rights?

  • select "SQL Native Client" for the odbc connection

  • Make sure that the database login has the db_owner fixed database role on the vCenter Server database and on the MSDB database

  • do not name the db instance MSSQLSERVER



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