vCenter 6.5 > vCenter 6.7

Hi Admins,

I have a test environment which containing approx 800 VMs.

We have had a lot of issues with our current vCenter (database corruption etc.)

Now we would like to "upgrade" our vCenter to 6.7 ,  but I don't want to migrate old "errors", I would like to do a clean new install and then just connect my VMhosts to my new 6.7 vcsa.

I don't care about old performance graphs etc, all I care about is that my VMs should/must be up and running all of the time.

My plan is :

shutdown my old vcsa

start my new vcsa (same name as the old one)

reconnect my VMhosts.

When I've done above all should be fine and my VMs should be happy as usual.

But all my VMs are connected to a distributed switch. When they are migrated to my new vCenter I guess the portgroups on each VM will say something like "invalid-backing"

I don't want to change the PG on 800 VMs manually...

Would it work if I took a backup of my old DVswitch and just did restore on my new vcsa?

Would the portgroups on my VMs then be vaild?



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What you're wanting to do is a "swing" migration, and for that I've written an article you should probably read here. Yes, you will need to migrate those hosts from a vDS to a vSS first. You can also export and then import that vDS over to the new vCenter, but you'll still have to re-join hosts manually. Use the vDS migration wizard to mass move VMs to the new (restored) port groups.

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