install ESXI tools 5.1 from USB drive ?


  1. First, I’m totally new with ESXI and Linux J

I’m trying to install ESXI 5.1 but I have some difficulties.

My configuration is :

  • SSD 120 GB with Windows 7 installed
  • 2nd hard drive Seagate 2 TO for storage.
  • No CD player on the computer.
  • Internet broadband with 3G with the mobile phone connected through the USB port.

I had to format the Seagate 2 TO with 2 partitions (1.50 To and 500 GB) to install ESXI from a USB drive.

The issues are :

  • ESXI have been installed but it looks like the ESXI tools needs to be downloaded but the mobile phone is not recognized. How can I solve this?

  • When ESXI has been installed , I selected the seagate 2 TO and ESXI has created 4 partitions:

😧  3.99 GB (contains 4 folders :Core - Downlo~1 – Log - Var)

E: 119 MB free of 249 MB (plenty of files with the .voo extension)

F:249 MB free of 249 MB (Boot.cfg and IMGDB.TGZ)

G:80.2 free of 285 MB (Packages and Var)

Why can’t I select one of my initial partitions (1.50 To or 500 GB) when I install first ESXI?And what can I do to retrieve the unallocated space?

When I check the disk management with windows 7 , it looks like ESXI had created and reformatted the partitions D E F G in Fat.

Thank you for your help

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