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I am asking if I have four servers 2 processers each and I want all of them in one cluster and manged by the Vcenter , I want to know  which the Licenses that  will be needed.

I will install esxi 6.7  .  

Thanks in advance 

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VMware Employee

8 x vSphere licenses, of whatever edition is suitable for the features you want to use - if using DRS in your cluster that will be Enterprise Plus

1 x vCenter Server Standard license



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The first thing is to validate that the physical servers support the version of VMware vShpere chosen, I attach link


If the server is a recognized brand is easier to look for compatibility with VMware vSphere,, such as DELL, HPE, Lenovo and more.

The manufacturers also offer custom images (ISO) for VMware vSphere installation, which are recommended to install VMware on your servers.

Basically you need two types of licenses
VMware vSphere licenses per Processor (ESXi)
a vCenter Server license

A physical server with 2 processors will require 2 VMware vSphere licenses.

In your particular case it would be 8 VMware vSphere Lic 1 Proc licenses and a vCenter Server license Standard.

There are license kits that include both VMware vSphere and vCenter Server licenses,

Along with the licenses includes a software contract and subscription for 1 or 3 years.

The licenses currently sold are for version 7, but by registering licenses in Customer Connect (My VMware) you can downgrade your licenses to get licenses in version 6.

Attached is a link to the details and features of the licenses.



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Hi @scott28tt 

it not wrong... but that's not the minimum.

8x vSphere ESXi CPU license as Std. or Enterprise Plus


one Instance of vCenter Foundation(max. 4 Hosts) or vCenter Standard(unlimited Hosts)

So the question for the OP is how likely is that you add a 5th. Hosts or not. Yes you can upgrade from vCenter Foundation  to Standard if needed but you will loose some $$$ when ever you update a VMware product. There is a larger difference between vCenter Foundation and Standard when speaking about the $$$ and SnS as well.

Instead of buying single licenses you have the option to buy a bundle as well. Its named vSphere Accelerator Kit (Std. or E+) and comes with 6 CPU and a single Instance of vCenter Std. You than add 2 single CPUs Lics to match the need for your 8 CPUs in total.

You re in in the range of CPP to get an additional discount as well as as your VMware Partner will register a Deal in Advantage+ most likely.





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