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VCSA upgrade from 6.7 to 7 vecs-cli failed. Error 4312


I know this same issue has been posted, discussed, and a fix listed. I followed the suggestions and used the script submitted by sudeshnas and it looked like it completed successfully so I went back to the instructions in kb article 68155 but after the first command, I got:

root@vcenter [ /usr/lib/vmware-vmafd/bin ]# ./vecs-cli entry getcert --store MACHINE_SSL_CERT --alias _MACHINE_CERT > /var/tmp/MachineSSL.crt
vecs-cli failed. Error 4312: Possible errors:
LDAP error: Unknown (extension) error
Win Error: Operation failed with error ERROR_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND (4312)

I know the problem is an expired cert that's in the store STS_INTERNAL_SSL_CERT and needs to be replaced with the cert in MACHINE_SSL_CERT and the kb article 68155 describes that but since the commands listed in the article won't run, I can't replace the cert and my upgrade is stuck at step 1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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