VC 6.7 U3h to 7.0.0b?

Will there be a VC 7.0.0b release soon? We have scheduled our vCenter 7 upgrade scheduled for June 17th, but we took the 6.7 U3h upgrade to secure our vCenters from an issue that our security team alerted us to. However, according to KB 67077 says that we cannot upgrade from 6.7 U3h to 7.0.0a due to code regression. We would really rather not have to roll back to 6.7 U3f to do the upgrade.

Alternatively, is there a way to force the upgrade and acknowledge that we will be going to a version of VC that does not have the security fixes contained in 6.7 U3h?

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There are no informations related to future releases for vcenter. In general, there are always updates released with new fixes however there is no tentative date provided as far as I know..

There will be update for sure but I dont think anyone here provides a date