Upgrade of two linked vCenter 5.5 Servers to V6 and also change of hardware


we've got two vCenter servers which are linked.

Both use an express sql database.

The hardware for the vCenter servers have to be changed and will be replaced with two new servers.

We will install them with Windows 2012 R2.

What will be the best solution for us?

backup the existing databases and the sso database

setup the new hardware with windows and all windows fixes

power down the existing vcenter server

change hostname and IP of the new server to the name and IP of the old one

install a new 2012 R2 Express SQL - restore the databases

create the ODBC connections

restore SSO database

install vCenter 5.5u3 and use the existing database

then same procedere on the second vCenter server ...

after that .. upgrade vCenter Server 1 to V6

(do I have to use an external platform controller? I think so ...)


would it be better if we first upgrade the existing installation to V6 and then change the hardware?

Any hints and tips are welcome

Best regards


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