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Upgrade from 6.7 environment to 7.0U3 sequence

Hey guys,
I'm planning on upgrading my VMWare environment to the latest version.
Currently I have ESXi hosts running on ver 6.7 and also a VCSA on 6.7 as well.

I tried looking up the upgrade sequence needed for this procedure and came across this.
Update sequence for vSphere 7.0 and its compatible VMware products (78221)
and this
vSphere Upgrade Series Part 1: Preparing to Upgrade - VMware vSphere Blog
Can I go by these for the upgrade sequence of the environment as a whole? Upgrading the vcenter,esxi etc. anything missing?

Another thing,
reading this vSphere 7 Upgrade Best Practices (78205) (vmware.com)
I see that it says that "Distributed Virtual Switches running on version 6.0 or lower" and I currently have a distributed switch running version 6.0.0.
Do I need to upgrade it to at least version 6.5.0 before the vCenter upgrade?






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You can upgrade to 7.0 U3 directly too. Just follow the sequence, that's it.

No worries about the vDS as that will have the same compatibility level which is currently set.

You can upgrade it later as per your requirements.

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