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Upgrade 5.5 to 5.5 update 2e


trying to upgrade vcenter from its current 5.5 update 2c to 5.5 update 2e.

vCenter has 50GB of disk space available, so I run the SSO installer. It detects a previous version and prompts to upgrade. So far so good, nothing pout of the ordinary there. The SSO then starts to upgrade, and takes about 25 minutes. Never before has it took this long with previous upgrades. It finally completes and I try to run the web client installer, but cant as it says (something along the lines of) "unable to extract".

It seems that vcenter now has only 10 GB of space left and is rapidly dropping all the time until there is no space left. It then crashes and none of the services start. If I free up any disk space, it instantly consumes it again and goes back to 0 available.

What is going on? I currently have no vcenter ,cannot log in to it as the services wont start! Never had any issues like this before with an update, this is bizarre!

Any ideas

-- Andrew (VMware VCP-DCV, MCSA)
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Hi vAndrew,

nearly the same for me. I could install all services except the Update Manager. The is a an error 1603 in the logs and the setup is rolling back after the java runtime installation part of the setup, but could not find any helping information about that.

The hole vCenter-Server is totally slow after the update. The vCenter state is changing to red 2 or 3 time a day, sometimes i can't login. I run it on a proliant ml 350 g6 with windows 2008r2 server.

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Is this a Windows vCenter or the vCenter appliance? I'm assuming Windows.

You must install/upgrade ALL components before attempting to use vCenter

  1. SSO
  2. Web Client
  3. Inventory Service
  4. vCenter

Note: You may find Inventory  Service "hanging" on install. Simply start the inventory service when this occurs & install will complete

Also ensure your date/time is correct on ESXi hosts as well as vCenter before starting the upgrade.

What's probably happening is the logs are filling up your hard disk. Shut down the vCenter & related services & clear out the log files.

Best of luck

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I had exactly the same issue and managed to resolve it by following these steps:

  1. Stop all VMware services that rely on VMware JRE: 
    • VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service
    • VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices
    • VMware vSphere Web Client
    • VMware vCenter Inventory Service
    • VMware Secure Token Service
    • VMware Log Browser
    • VMware Identity Management Service
  2. Uninstall VMware vCenter Server – Java Components
    • There are no files left in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Server - Java Components\bin folder
    • There are no running processes using java: tasklist | findstr java
  3. Map the vCenter media of the currently installed version of the vCenter. In my environment, vCenter 5.5 Update 2d
  4. Install VMware vCenter Server – Java Components from {vCenterInstallationMedia}:\vJRE folder.
    All services that were stopped in Step 1 will start automatically.
    Restart the server to make sure all vCenter services start successfully…
  5. Map the target version vCenter media
  6. Upgrade vCenter Server

Full story is on the blog post: http://www.vstrong.info/2016/01/28/vmware-vcenter-single-sign-on-sso-upgrade-runs-out-of-disk-space-...

Mark Strong


VCP5, VCP4 | VCAP4-DCD | MCITP | HP Master ASE | CCNA, Cisco UCS Support Specialist
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