Update stuck in precheck phase

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Current: VMware vCenter Server

I seem to be stuck in a update pre-check cycle in VAMI:

Exception occurred in install precheck phase

Click "continue"

Installation pre-check results
     Running installation pre-checks

Pre-checks passed. No issues found

Click "Continue" ... and you end up in the Installation Failed screen again.

Any ideas on how to proceed?  Thank you.

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Thank you for that link, worked. 

The only thing is the URL says "-url" and "-acceptEula"  It's actually "--url" and "--acceptEula".

Command> software-packages install --url --acceptEulas
[2021-05-26T17:29:40.146] : UpdateInfo: Using product version and build 17920168
[2021-05-26T17:29:41.146] : Target VCSA version =
[2021-05-26 17:29:41,182] : Running requirements script.....
[2021-05-26T17:30:01.146] : Evaluating packages to stage...
[2021-05-26T17:30:01.146] : Verifying staging area
[2021-05-26T17:30:01.146] : For the first instance of the identity domain, this is the password given to the Administrator account. Otherwise, this is the password of the Administrator account of the replication partner.
Enter Single Sign-On administrator password:

[2021-05-26T17:30:34.146] : Validating software update payload
[2021-05-26T17:30:34.146] : UpdateInfo: Using product version and build 17920168
[2021-05-26 17:30:34,782] : Running validate script.....
[2021-05-26T17:30:43.146] : Validation successful
[2021-05-26 17:30:43,821] : Copying software packages 53/53
[2021-05-26 17:31:54,155] : Running system-prepare script.....
[2021-05-26 17:32:03,195] : Running test transaction ....
[2021-05-26 17:32:05,283] : Running prepatch script.....
[2021-05-26 17:33:40,496] : Upgrading software packages ....
[2021-05-26T17:34:45.146] : Setting appliance version to build 17958471
[2021-05-26 17:34:45,738] : Running patch script.....
[2021-05-26 17:46:49,299] : Starting all services ....
[2021-05-26T17:46:50.146] : Services started.
[2021-05-26T17:46:50.146] : Installation process completed successfully

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I will inform william, that probably happened as he introduced a new domain name and new layout.

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