Step by step procedure to update windows vcenter server 6.5/6.7

Step by step procedure to update windows vcenter server 6.5/6.7

Steps to patch a Windows Based VMware vCenter Server 6.X 


  • Please take a non-memory, non-quiesced snapshot of the vCenter VM (if standalone), before implementing any change.
  • In case there are multiple vCenter servers linked, do take powered down snapshots of all nodes before proceeding with vCenter update.
  • If PSC is external do take powered down snapshot/s of all PSC's as well.
  • If there are multiple vCenter's linked with external PSC we need to update all PSC nodes first and then proceed with vCenter nodes.
  • If DRS is set to Fully Automated, please change it to Manual while updating.
  • Make note of the host IP/FQDN where vCenter/PSC VM is deployed.
  • Ensure that you have the login credential for the ESXi host which has the vCenter VM.



The following procedure can be used to perform in-place update of Windows based vCenter.

In this document we will be using vCenter 6.7. However same procedure can be used to update VMware vCenter 6.5 by making use of relevant ISO.

In this example, the system will be upgraded to vCenter Server 6.7 U3o

This patch contains the fix for VMSA-2021-0020

Here we have vCenter Server with embedded platform service controller. Should you be using an external platform service controller, you will update platform service controller first and then vCenter Server making use of same ISO file and the same procedure as detailed below

  • Open an RDP to windows machine where vCenter server is installed and Download latest windows vcenter iso available using below mentioned URL:

Download the windows installer file from the downloads pages on the VMware portal

  • Download the file for 6.7U3o which is VMware-VIM-all-6.7.0-18485166.iso


  • Once the file is downloaded, right click on it and click on Mount


  • Once ISO will be mounted right click on autorun.exe and Run as administrator.





  • The installer will launch. Click on install


  • Click “Next” to continue the upgrade


  • Accept the end user license agreement


  • Installer will detect the existing vcenter and will notify as below, click on update


  • It will start the update process as follows










  • Once the update will complete it will notify as follows, click finish to exit setup


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