Step by step procedure to update vCenter Server 7.0/8.0 Appliance using VAMI

Step by step procedure to update vCenter Server 7.0/8.0 Appliance using VAMI


  • Please take a non-memory, non-quiesced snapshot of the vCenter VM (if standalone), before implementing any change.
  • In case there are multiple vCenter servers linked, do take powered down snapshots of all nodes before proceeding with VCSA update.
  • If DRS is set to Fully Automated, please change it to Manual while updating.
  • Make note of the host IP/FQDN where vCenter/PSC VM is deployed.
  • Ensure that you have the login credential for the ESXi host which has the vCenter VM.



  • Below example shows patching process from VCSA 8.0 U1 to 8.0 U1a
  • Steps remains the same for Patching VCSA 7.0 & VCSA 8.0

Follow below steps to Patch vCenter Server using VAMI Page.

  • Connect to VAMI of vCenter Server Appliance using a browser (https://<vcsa IP or FQDN>:5480)
  • Login with 'root' credentials


  • In the Navigator tab (on the left), click Update Tab
  • Wait for the Update wizard to show the available Patches
  • Select the respective Patch (selected 8.0 U1a in this example) 


  • You can also download the latest patches from the download portal, and attach the iso to the CDROM of the vCenter server VM. Click on CHECK UPDATES and CHECK CD ROM to list the available patches in the attached ISO


  • Select 'STAGE AND INSTALL' (you may also select 'STAGE ONLY' if you are planning to Install the patch at a later time)


  • Accept End user license agreement and click on NEXT


  • The installer will start Running pre-update checks


  • You may be asked if you wish to Join the VMware's Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), select check/uncheck and click Next


  •  Ensure that you have taken a recent backup and the proceed to check the box “I have backed up vCenter Server and its associated databases” and click FINISH


  • You will see Installation in progress as follows, staging in progress


  • Downloading RPMs


  • Stopping Services


  • Post Install workflow after RPM installation


  • Click Close in the Installation Complete screen


  • Verify the updated version in 'Current version details' tab.



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