SSO Error 29148.STS

tl;dr: doing SSO basic install, bundled SQL 2K8 Express DB, getting 29148.STS error in the end ... what gives?

I'm trying to do an install of Single Sign On, Inventory Service and vCenter Server Upgrade.  I'm doing basic install and using local OS account(s) only (no Active Directory).  I failed on the 1st one: SSO.  It ended with this error:

vCenter Single Sign On:

Error 29148.STS configuration error.

I accepted just about all defaults except for the screen:

Security Support Provider Interface Service Information

Which by default had the box checked: "Use network service account"

I unchecked this and input

User name: localmachine-hostname\localaccount (of course, I used the real local hostname and another account that has admin rights).

Password: (a password with no special characters, alphanumeric and one upper case).

Domain: localmachine-hostname

I failed to get it right the 1st couple of times, but finally it accepted and allowed me to continue on.  I do not know if this is what caused the 29148.STS error or not.  (Should I just leave this checked?  Although this Windows box is in our AD, I do all VMware local OS user(s) only).

I _think_ the issue  might be with SQL.  I found this: VMware Single Sign On Error 29148.STS but can see nothing there I didn't do.  This guy: got the same error, started over and accepted more defaults and it worked.  Searching while editing this, and found this: Howto: SSO &amp;#8211; Simple AD Authentication with VMware 5.1 |  <-- this seems to indicate that, yea, I need to accept the default/check box for "Security Support Provider Interface Service Information"....

It appears I need to look at what I'm doing at the SQL part.  I'm using the bundled SQL 2008 Express DB (currently have the bundled 2005 Express DB).

Can someone give other insight?

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"Act as part of the operating system"

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