Replication problems after P2V windows dc

This past week, we brought vSphere 4 into our network. One of the

machines that we converted to virtual was our domain controller, which

was the fsmo role holder. Since the p2v this past Friday, our dc is

unable to replicate active directory info. The errors being logged in

event viewer are event ids: 1865, 1311, and 1566.

Event Type: Error

Event Source: NTDS KCC

Event Category: Knowledge Consistency Checker

Event ID: 1311

Date: 6/1/2010

Time: 3:58:55 PM


Computer: SVR00DC01


The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) has detected problems with the

following directory partition.

Directory partition:


There is insufficient site connectivity information in Active Directory

Sites and Services for the KCC to create a spanning tree replication

topology. Or, one or more domain controllers with this directory

partition are unable to replicate the directory partition information.

This is probably due to inaccessible domain controllers.

User Action

Use Active Directory Sites and Services to perform one of the following


  • Publish sufficient site connectivity information so that the KCC can
    determine a route by which this directory partition can reach this
    site. This is the preferred option.

  • Add a Connection object to a domain controller that contains the
    directory partition in this site from a domain controller that contains
    the same directory partition in another site.

If neither of the Active Directory Sites and Services tasks correct this

condition, see previous events logged by the KCC that identify the

inaccessible domain controllers.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at .

One thing I found was that original nic (broadcom) was still in the

device mgr. and the IP of the server was bound to that nic and the nic

assigned via vSphere. I've removed it and will restart the server after

hours. All A.D.configuration in Sites and Services is correct. DNS is

working fine. I've restared several key services.

Server is Windows server 2003 r2 standard and the p2v was hot.

Any thoughts?


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NEVER do a hot P2V of a DC.

The best solution is create a clea Windows Server and use dcpromo to install the DC.

If you have to do the P2V procedure, then make it with the Converter Enterprise (in a cold way), or make it with the DC running in Restoration Mode (in this way the AD database is stopped).


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