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Recommendation for upgrade path

Currently we have a small VSphere environment with two 6.5 ESXi hosts and VCenter 6.7. We are about to be in the process of upgrading both VCenter and ESXi to version 7.0. We are also replacing one of the ESXi hosts with a new machine. I know I have have to update VCenter first because it has to be as high or higher than any of the hosts it manages. Our question is about the new machine. Would I be better off installing ESXi 7 on it to begin with and moving the VM's over from the old machine to the new. Or would it be wiser to install EXSi 6.5 on it, move the VM's, then upgrade to ESXi 7.0 on that new box. Not sure if there are any implications related to which upgrade path we take.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Gary and Adam

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