Realistic amount of time to install vSphere, add to vCenter, and fully configure using Stateful Auto Deploy with Host Profiles

I want to configure vSphere 5.5 AutoDeploy (Stateful) to configure a cluster of ESXi servers.  Furthermore, I want have additional non-configured standby hosts (don't want to add them now and eat up a vCloud license) that will need to be configured on-demand in the future.

What is a realistic estimate per host for such a deployment assuming the Host Profile answer files have been pre-created?



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

There are a lot of factors that could change the time on this one.  I assume that's why no one has commented.  The overall architecture can really change the timeline.   Also there are a number of components that have to be in place for auto deploy like TFTP and DHCP.  It would be really impossible to give a estimate without more information.  In addition your familarity with Auto deploy, vcenter and esxi all roll into this timeline.

Let me ask some questions to help figure this out:

Will you be provisioning the storage as part of this process?  VMFS What type of storage?

Do you Have AD? DHCP? TFTP? all already setup?

Have you ever used Auto deploy?

Are all the hosts configured the same and have the same hardware specs?

It occurs you may just be asking for the time to deploy a single additional host once it's all setup.. the answer is how long it takes you too boot.  If you are talking about the whole bag then answer my questions above and I'll see what else needs to be asked.  As much information as you can provide will help.

Joseph Griffiths @Gortees VCDX-DCV #143