Re-install managed ESX4.0 hosts with ESXi 4.1 procedure

Hi there,

I have two hosts in a cluster and I want to re-install them with ESXi 4.1 and re-add them back to my 4.1 vCenter. Hosts are currently ESX4.0. Would I do it as follows:

1. place HOST1 in maintenance mode - this will vmotion all guests to HOST2

2. disable HA and DRS in the cluster

3. In vCenter, right-click HOST1 and select "Remove" to remove it from vCenter

4. Reboot HOST1 and boot with ESXi 4.1 media

5. Select to install vSphere ESXi, supply management network, IP settings etc etc. (all same as prior settings)

6. Finish install and boot up server

7. in Vcenter right-click Cluster and select 'Add Host"

8. specify root account details and add the host to the cluster

9. Setup networking in vCenter (vSwitches, port groups)

10. Check licensed features, DNS and routing, Time configuration,

11. vMotion some VM's back to HOST1

12. Test

13. vMotion all vms to HOST1 to free up HOST2.

14 follow steps again to upgrade HOST2

15. Once finished, turn on HA and DRS in the cluster again

One last thing, there is a current problem on my vCenter where the webservices services is not starting. vCenter Service is fine and all management of virtual infrastructure is OK. Would any part of this upgrade rely on the vCenter Webservices service that is not started? I wouldn't think so.

Thanks for any input!

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the vcenter server is sufficient. good luck!

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I wouldn't remove the old host, I would disconnect it. This means if you don't record all the settings for that host when you are installing the OS or configuring the networking you can just reference back to the disconnected host and grab those settings. Then just before adding the new host I would then remove the host.

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Try out the below url to migrate by preserving your local VMFS .



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