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Pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts on Windows 2000 Server

I guess there is still whole bunch of people who are running some

Windows 2000 Server. As W2K does not support VSS you have to use VmWare

Tools to flush file system when you do a VM snapshot. If you have some

database or Exchange server it can break you software eventually. To

resolve this problem you can use pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts for

each host.

Location of this scripts was changed after 3.5U2 as stated in following KB:

What they forgot to mention is that not only Windows XP is using old

location. Windows 2000 Server also fall into this category. If you have

W2K you should create directory “Windows” on your “C” drive and put

custom "pre-freeze-script.bat" and "post-thaw-script.bat" scripts there.

Please see my post on

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