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Port Conflicts while upgrading vCenter from 5.0 to 5.5


I'm having the same issue running vCenter 5.0 u1 and ESXi 5.0 u1. I wanted to upgrade to the latest version, and I'm surprise I should install the Inventory Service because it's mandatory service by vCenter. In order to install the Inventory Service, SSO service must be installed too.

SSO Service uses port 88 by default. When I installed the vCenter 5.0, I was having IIS/SQL Reporting Service are installed on the same machine and instead of Port 80 I used port 88 Smiley Happy

In order for me to upgrade to the latest version, I should have port 88 free to be used by SSO and Port 80 must be free too to be used by vCenter Smiley Happy

Is it possible just to uninstall the SQL Reporting Service? or I should only change the port?

What is the procedure to change the port of the vCenter?.. vCenter Advanced Settings and Change the port in the Advanced Configuration? Or is there another precaution must be taken into account?

Any suggestion, highly appreciated.


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