Need X710 Firmware for 6.5 update?

I am preparing my cluster for upgrade to ESXi 6.5. I am doing network prereqs right now and comparing my current driver/firmware versions to the compatibility matrix.

I was able to easily update the driver version to 1.4.28 using VUM, but my firmware version remains at 4.41. This firmware version is not listed in the matrix, however it is above the minimum shown in the matrix as 4.24.

VMware Compatibility Guide - I/O Device Search

My question is if a firmware update is needed, and if so, what the process is for doing so. I see that Intel has a linux and EFI based update utility for 5.02 but cannot find overlapping documentation on performing this in an ESXi based environment.

Downloads for Intel® Ethernet Controller X710 Series

I would appreciate any insight on update requirements in my case and methods for doing so if necessary.

Thank you

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