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NMI: 2540: LINT1 motherboard interrupt (54 forwarded so far)


I've a server with esx 4.1.0 260247 on HP ML370G5 dual CPU Xeon 33606 16GB of RAM an P410i controller.

I've 3 2008R2 running in this host.

On the events of the host start in april 2012 appear this message:

Issue detected on localhost in ha-datacenter : NMI: 2540: LINT1 motherboard interrupt (54 so forwarded so far). This is a hardware problem; please contact your hardware vendor.

The host work well without problem, i reboot the  server on 05/12/11 for maintenence. No other reboot. The VM have a USB controller set for the imation RDX, and for UPS.

I dont know which is the cause of this warning.

How can i investigate?

If i put the host in maintenence mode and reboot the server may be possible that host dont come up again?

Thanks a lot.

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