Migrating from 5.5 to 6.7

So we have two vSphere environments in place. Our current main environment is on; this holds the majority of our production machines. We also have a much older vSphere running 5.5; this contains only the various instances of the Cisco machines controlling our phone system (CUCM, UCCX, Unity, etc.)

We quite obviously want to get the Cisco systems off the dinosaur system on which they current reside and onto our main system. We have been searching for the best option to do this for some time, but we keep encountering roadblocks. These have included the fact that the vSphere on 5.5 was unlicensed at first; we have since downgraded our licenses and applied them there. The next roadblock is the fact that the desktop client for the old vSphere - as near as we can tell - doesn't allow you to perform any migration operations. That has to be done using the web client. And the web client for 5.5 requires Flash to function, so that's out.

Official VMWare support channels aren't particularly helpful, because v5.5 is long dead and buried and unsupported; we get it. At this point, we are just looking for any input or advice we can find from people who might have encountered a similar situation that might help us get this operation completed.

Thanks in advance, and apologies if this post is in the wrong place.

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The idea would be to migrate the old servers (version 5.5) to version 6.0 Update 3 and connect them to vcenter 6.7 to be able to migrate the VMs.
You have to verify if the old servers support version 6.0 Update 3.

In the worst case you should test if the esxi host 5.5 can run on version 6.0.

If it is possible to get the custom ISO from the Manufacturer of the old servers in version 6.0 Update 3.
Disconnect the ESXi host 5.5 from vcenter 5.5 if it exists.

When installing or upgrading VMware vSphere to version 6.0 a demo license is activated for 60 days.

Whenever you work with ESXi host you must have a fullbackup of the VMs and the Host configuration (name, IP ... etc).



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