Migrate or Upgrade 4.1 to 5 or 5.1?

Looking for advice on whether to upgrade our current 4.1 vCenter server to 5.0 in-place, or setup a new 5.1 server and migrate our hosts over one by one.

The current physical vCenter server has been in productions for a few years. It runs Win2008 x64 SP2. The vCenter 5.0 migration scripts do not work with an x64 vCenter server when upgrading to 5.0, so if we go to 5.0, it would be an in-place upgrade on the same physical server.

We have a second server that we are planning to use for vCenter. We could opt to do a fresh install of 5.1 on this server, with a new database, SSO, etc. and migrate our hosts over as we upgrade them. This would facilitate a fresh clean install and migration with limited impact to the current production 4.1 server.

Has anyone done this with 5.x? Does anyone have any advice whether to upgrade our current setup in place or to migrate everything to a fresh 5.1 install? Yes, we would have to re-configure some plugins for vCenter, backup jobs, monitoring, etc, however our environment is small with 5 hosts and 30 VMs.


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I would consider that now would be a time to move your vCenter to a VM - by building a new server.


Maybe to help is to see what you can do based on your particular versions and here is a link to help with these sort of choices.