Migrate Virtual Machines from VmWare vSphere 6 ESXi host to VMWare vSphere 7


We have VMWare ESXi host running vSphere 6 & vCenter 6.5, hardware is out of warranty now. We're planning to migrate the virtual machines to a new host running VMWare ESXi host vSphere 7 and vCenter Server 7. Any recommendations please, what's the best approach to migrate the Virtual Machines in this scenario.


Thanks in advance!


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Just setup your new environment and migrate the VM's ? 




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In general ESXi version 6.0 with any Update, it is not compatible with vcenter Server 7.0, 7.0U1 or 7.0U2.

The ESXi version 6.5 with any Update, it is compatible with vcenter Server 7.0, 7.0U1 or 7.0U2

I am going to assume that the ESXi Hosts and the vCenter Servers are on the same network segment. and that your network configuration for the VMs are the same on both ESXi hosts.

One way would be :
1. upgrade ESXi Host 6.0 to 6.5 U3, verify that everything works fine i.e. VMs and control from Vcenter 6.5.
   If possible you should have a fullbackup of the VMs.
2. With the ESXi in version 6.5 U3, disconnect it from vCenter Server 6.5. (the VMs will continue to work)
3. Connect the ESXi host 6.5 to the new vCenter server 7.0.
4. Verify that all VMs are OK.
5. Migrate the VMs from ESXi host 6.5 to ESXi 7.0 online or offline (may need to configure vMotions).
6. verify that the VMs are working without problems on the new ESXi 7.0.

Attached link where you can get the updat to 6.5

It will require a user and password, if you don't have it you can register for free.


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