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Migrate VMs from vmfs3 to vmfs6 datastore


seeing the image below, I have to migrate my VMs from old infrastructure (vsphere 4 and old storage) to a new one (6.5 cluster and new storage). What I have done:

zoning and host presentation are well configured.

I have created on new storage a new vmfs3 datastore from v4 cluster.

storage vmotion all VMs from old storage/datastore to new vmfs datastore.

Now I want to move all VMs from new vmfs3 datastore to a vmfs6 datastore, but I'm not able to do this.

I have presented one esxi 6.5 host to a lun containing vmfs3 datastore.

When I rescan storage devices from ESXi, it discover a generic fc disk with a wrong size (20MB instead of 1.9TB) and doesn't recognize it as a datastore.

Have I missed or done something wrong ?

Is there a solution to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance.

Regards. Davide


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Have you tried connecting your new 6.5 host to the old SAN ? If you can then you could just move the vm from the vmfs 3 datastore on the old san to the vmfs 6 on the new one.

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