I cannot download vSphere Hypervisor Evaluation Version

Dear Professional,

I would like to install vSphere Hypervisor Evaluation Version on my PC,

but as I login the download page and try to click the blue button which is for download,

the page never changes and download never starts.

I wonder there are any prerequisites or something necessary but I don't have for installing vSphere Hypervisor.

If you could tell me the cause and solution, I would really appreciated.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Seems like there may be a technical issue at the moment: Register vSphere 7.0 Free trail


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Please get in touch with the vmware licensing team to get an evaluation license generated immediately.


Sudeshna Sarkar

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi DigitalSae,

You can download the "Free 60-Day Trial for vSphere" for different products. You might login if you have an account or create a new account to download the Evaluation license.

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