Help with vDS and Host Profile

So, we have esxi host with 2 nic ports. We create one distributed switch with multiple port groups, for management vmkernal port, workload VMs and vmotion and so on.

Now, I need to move this ESXi host to another cluster. This cluster has its own host profile. The only difference in this host profile are different Workload VM port groups. The problem is when I apply the host profile of the second cluster, the ESXi connectivity is lost and ESXi shell shows a DHCP ip address for the management port. i try to set ip address and get the following error

Unable to remove VMkernel network interface /usr/lib/vmware/rp/bin/configRP decreaseRPMemMaxSize dhclient 9:failed

Applying a new host profile for a Distributed switch which include the management ports, does this work?

I cannot even change the IP address using the DUI, i have to 'reset system configuration', and configure the ip address to connect the ESXi server.

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