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From single drive to raid

I have installed a single host ESXi 7 with a single drive, created several VMs, etc.... All working well. We are talking about a single host with a free license, no vCenter, access via browser. So far so good.

Next I will take 3 (bigger) drives, disconnect the current drive, and install the 3 new HDD in the same box in a RAID5 configuration. Reinstall ESXi on that new (logical) drive (easy with the USB bootable). Bring the new bare metal on line. Turn off, and reconnect the initial drive. Boot into the newly installed host. 

QUESTION: will I be able to bring the original datastore on the first drive as additional datastore into the newly installed hypervisor, and migrate/move the VMs that way to the new RAID drive? Is there another option? Something easier/more direct than to export to an external NAS, then import into new RAID. 


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