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Esxi upgrade from 6.0 to 7.0

Hi All,

We are upgrading our vSphere 6.0 environment to 7.0 .  These will be moved to a new vcenter with 7.0 however these are currently having distributed switch .
What all steps or checks to be done for upgrading this to 7.0 .Please suggest and if possible with any links with detailed information.



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First and foremost ensure that vSphere 7.0 supports your hosts' hardware!
Also note that in case ESXi is currently installed on USB/SD devices, you should consider to replace these with HDD/SSD, or use SAN boot.

Since vCenter Server only support ESXi 6.5, and later, I'd probably upgrade as follows:

  1. migrate any locally stored VMs and Templates to shared storage (i.e. evacuate local storage)
  2. place the host into Maintenance Mode
  3. remove the host from the vDS
  4. remove the host from the old vCenter Server's inventory
  5. upgrade the host's firmware
  6. reinstall ESXi without opting to preserve the local VMFS datastore, so that the installation will be able to create the new partitions with the required sizes
  7. add the host to the new vCenter Server, configure settings, and add it to a new vDS


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