Esxi 4.1u1 - vswitch deleted on reboot

I'm trying to create a vswitch with 4066 ports. Once i've configured the switch and port groups, I rebooted the host for the change to take effect

After the reboot the vswitch and the all the port groups are deleted.

I've tried the same proces with the switch using 1016 ports - same issue.

The only way around is to leave the switch with the default port number of 120, which isn't really suitable for us.

My other 4 host have switches configured with the following ports 56, 56,1016, and my new host 120

Any anyone else had this issue?

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Have a look at this:


Seen this kinfd of problems a few time before and this guide should help resolve it.

good luck - and please post back.

One day I will virtualise myself . . .
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