Error 1327 after removing drive vSphere was installed on

Hi all,

I have a situation that I can't seem to find anyone else having had in the past.  At least not that Google can find, it seems.

Most of the time, when someone receives an error 1327 Invalid Drive error on install, its because of default settings of user folders having been changed.  In my case, they're all correct in the registry and I've also tried the subst command.  Nothing has helped, but I believe its because my issue is with VMware, not Windows.

Here is what has happened:  I accidentally removed the harddrive that vSphere was installed on.  I wasn't able to fully uninstall it (because it wasn't there) and now cannot install any new versions.  I'm assuming there's still a pointer somewhere that the installation program is looking for old versions, and freaks out when the drive its supposed to be on isn't there.

Can anyone tell me where I can remove this?  I also have VMWare tools installed as this is a VM, FWIW. 

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Try to check this location for some VMware preference files :

%Users%\"your UserName"\AppData\Roaming\VMware

Also check in the local folder in your appdata folder for your users .

Let me know if this helped .

Mar Vista

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I assume you are referring to VMware Workstation or Player!?

Anyway, please double check the specific registry setting mentioned in VMware KB: Installing VMware Workstation or VMware Tools fails with the error: 1327 or 1606. If all the settings seem to be correct, take a look at VMware KB: Cleaning up after an incomplete uninstallation on a Windows host for the steps to manually clean up the unsuccessful uninstallation.


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