ESX 4.1 Network adapter Error

First of all, i'd like to thank whomever tries to help me out with this.

Secondly, i'm attending V-sphere course at the moment.

with that in mind i'm trying to install esx 4.1 to implement exercises.

i  tried installoking on a WORKSTATIOn, that worked well though  performance is very weak as you obviously expect. as it's one vm nested  in another in another.

so  now i have the following steup:

ACER custom built PC:

1. core 2 duo 3.2 GHZ

2. 4 GB ram

3.  3 X HDD (250,160,1 TB)

4. 2 X NIC (Builtin 10/100, 10/100/1000 Linksys E91032

Each time i try to install ESX 4.1, i get an error concerning the NIC.

i know the linksys works as a fellow student has the same nic on his pc and it works ok.

so any advice?

i researhed a bit to find an INTEL nic, though with no luck.

NB: is there a driver i could load?


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So, you're creating an ESX4.1 virtual machine within VMware Workstation running Windows (64-bit)?

Since Workstation presents the VM with NIC's it can recognize, it shouldn't matter what brand your system has.

What version of Workstation are you using?  What version?

Did you select ESX 4 from the OS list?

Is the vNIC set to Connect on Power on?

Is the physical NIC plugged in?

Side note: I would suggest getting more memory for your test machine, I just picked up 2 4GB sticks form less than $80, makes a ton of difference.

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thanks for replying.

it's my mistake that i didn't make myself clear as english is my second language.

the workstation setup is dropped as it was too slow.

right now i'm installing esx 4.1 bear metal so to speak

esx directly on the mentioned PC.

as for the RAM issue, i totally.

though need to get thigns up and runnign before upgrading as i'm getting the frustrating feeling that this won't work on my current pc so upgrading prior to setup wouldn't be a good idea..

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Hey rollyah,

Sorry, I didn't understand your setup. Well, that's probably the problem, as ESX only supports Intel and Broadcom NIC chipsets. The card you have might use a different type.

If you look for Intell E1000 on newegg or<> you'll find a cheap, compatible card (around $30 US)

Hope that helps, gl.

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Unfortunately the NIC you haver is not supported by ESX - You'll need to either buy a NIC off the HCL, or continue to use the VM inside of VMWare workstation.

Alternatively, it may be worth just buying some new hardware entirely. In the UK there are deals on ESX support servers for about £100 - see

Good luck

One day I will virtualise myself . . .
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