Dell 3.5i Embedded to any other version via an UPGRADE??


Basically as some of my other posts have alluded to, I am looking to upgrade my 3.5i U5 Embedded ennvironment to vSphere 5...

I am currently using the Dell customized ISO to install ESXi...

Ideally I want keep as much existing data as I can from the vCenter DB... including host performance stats etc...

So I am looking to do the following:

Upgrade from 3.5i U5 to 4.1 then upgrade this to 5...

Problem is I cannot find a file for the Dell customized version...

Does this not exist? and if not can I simply do a fresh install and somehow link the DB data back?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


I don't think there is a customized from any Vendor.

Basically the custom ESXi ISO is the Standard VMware ESXi5 ISO with Vendor specific drivers install as "bundles and then repackaged in a Custom ESXi5 ISO

You would need to use the normal upgrade route to get to ESXi 5 and then just apply "esxupdate" the custom bundles "drivers" that are available from the vendors sites.

My 2 Cents though

I like to start fresh whenever possible, then you know you are not inheriting old problems. For example upgrading from Win98 to WinXP to WinVista and then Win7 this is sure to end up as a mess and a lot of time and effort.

The vCenter I would upgrade the DB to keep the data, but install vCenter 5 on a new fresh Win 2008 OS and point to the upgraded DB.

Just make sure these hosts is on VMware HCL before you upgrade/reinstall :smileycool:

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