Data Migration Tool quetsion

We are planning on using the Data Migration tool to upgrade from Vsphere 4.0 to 4.1 and migrate to new x64bit Win2k8 OS. We are using SQL 2005.

The process I'm planning on using is.

* Backup Database (using SQL)

* Restore Database on new system. (Using SQL)

* Run Data Migration tool 'backup.bat' to capture configuration details

* Copy Data Migration folder to new system run 'install.bat' and follow the prompt to upgrade the database and install the new VCenter.

* Once completed, use the KB article to rename the new host to the old host's IP address - so that the VCenter name and IP remains the same.

My questions are

1) when using install.bat and I'm prompted with "Is the name of the new machine different to name of the source machine should i answer Y or N ? since I will be renaming the system later anyway.

2) Are there any switches to use with 'backup.bat' that only backs up the configuration without touching the source database.

Thanks in advance.

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i have not use data migration but the below KB are the steps i followed everytime i wanted to move.


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